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June 08 2017

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When things aren’t exactly the way you remember it. A parallel universe or bad memory? I first posted it on my blog regarding the “Berenstein bears” It got a lot of heads turning so why not make a compilation?

It’s Sex and the City, but many people insist they remember it being “in the” at some point. Some people have even posted pictures of old memorabilia they have that supports their false memory.

People think the Monopoly man, Rich Uncle Pennybags, has a monocle, but he doesn’t. Perhaps they’re just confusing him with Mr. Peanut, the Planters peanut mascot, who also wears a top hat and carries around a cane, but there are a number of people who can’t seem to grasp how the Monopoly man is monocle-less, when they’ve distinctly known him to have one.

The tip of Pikachu’s tail isn’t black. People remember there being a black mark on Pikachu’s tail, but if you take a look at Pikachu now, you’ll see nothing there. How so many people can remember an aspect of this character’s appearance that doesn’t actually exist, the world may never know.

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100% the pikachu thing has me fucked up, years before I knew about the Mandela Effect was I noticed Pikachu didn’t have the black on his tail so I was just like “oh they changed him up a bit cool” and I moved on and didn’t think much about it until I started seeing the Mandela Effect about him NEVER having it, I was so confused !

Pikachu is fucking me up so much I swear to god he had a black tip on his tail.

People are disappearing in northern Canada.


For the last 35 years, a lake in northern Canada has been the site of hundreds of suspected drownings. The location is in the middle of the Canadian tundra. There is nothing around. No food, no shelter. Just cold, inhospitable wilderness.

The lake is frozen eight months out of the year. Nothing happens then. But during the thaw, when we’re doing our flyovers, we’ll see clothes floating on the surface of the water.

Like we’ve always done, we’ll dispatch a team to investigate. They’ll bring back what they can recover, which will invariably be clothing and someone’s wallet or purse.

So far, we’ve never recovered a single body.

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me when im a small but knowing clown

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A compilation of some of the most interesting or classiest bathtubs I’ve ever seen. I got the pictures from here and here . Here’s a post about a bathtub cut from a single piece of quartz crystal

That last one. Dude

May 31 2017


gay culture is sitting on a couch like this 

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 -  I couldn’t wait - Welcome to the madness 



inside your body is PITCH BLACK your cells do all of that in the DARK

self care is swallowing lit matches every 5 minutes so that ur cells can see whatever the fuck they’re doing in there

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Japan’s Shin-Yokohama Raumen Museum is theme park, located in the one building. It is set in the time of old Tokyo, amidst three mythical town streetscapes and train stations to present a sense of what life in like in Japan, circa 1958: the very tasty year that the world’s first instant ramen was invented. (Source)

I want to go here someday… This looks awesome!


Which OC has anger issues?



Can we normalize the idea that women can have deep voices? please??
Especially for trans women who feel gross or out of place for their deep voice.

Please, break the standard that all women have high pitched, perfect, feminine voices.

My car got towed on NYE, so after unsuccessfully trying every number programmed into my phone, I called my dad’s ass up at 2 AM to pick up myself and my friends to go get my vehicle out of impound (my dad is awesome. More on that later.)

Included in my group of friends was my friend Anna who had recently come forward as trans. She had very recently started presenting as a woman, and was pretty insecure in it, and had never met my father previously, so it wasn’t as though I had time to brief him on the situation. Anna was pretty shy during the whole ride, tucked in the back and letting her friends talk over her. She only spoke up after I had gotten my car back, thanking him for helping out.

The next day, I called to thank him for that night, and he asked me who was the girl with the deep voice. At first my heart sink in my guts, but without missing a beat, he started raving about how he LOVED her voice. He listed off a few actresses from his day who had had very deep voices, and how he adored it, and that kind of slow sultry speaking had been fading more and more as pop culture pushed for childish voices in women.

Your deep voice is gorgeous trans friends (and cis friends too.) it is warm and low and smooth like honey and perfect in every way. It is smoldering and evocative and absolutely beautiful.

deep voices turn me on so much on all the gender omg. so cute. so sexy. ughhhh <3


A fidget spinner that moans the faster you spin it.

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Mikleo Icons ♡

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How 9/11 changed Lilo & Stitch

oh my god i never knew


Today on things I never knew. o.o 

Amazing that they still managed to use most of the original animation though.

I fucking love stuff like this







Regarding any rumors or posts you may or may not have seen about me, everything was taken out of context and is extremely misinterpreted. Please signal boost this as this witch hunt mentality has bullied and hurt a lot of people before. It started in 2013 and has since then escalated into outlandish and wild accusations. I will never leave but this brutal attitude has got to stop. 

exactly what part of “my family has a child slave” was taken out of context lmao

also weren’t you trying to take advantage of mentally ill people and charge them for advice that you’re not qualified to give? how was that taken out of context?

all of it was taken out of context

The heals program was akin to a life coaching program/uplifting/motivational program, which exists and you don’t need a license for (not that I was claiming to be a professional). It was not at all therapy.

The child slave post was me going into another country witnessing child labor and disapproving. At the time when I made the post all i wanted to was spread awareness about child labor. 

I don’t understand why people have to twist words and intentions. 

Please signal boost.

Seriously the number of witch hunts which take place are horrific.

“Hey guys, we’re finally out of middle school for the summer. What should we do?”

“Uhhhhh, bully sixpenceee for the twelfth time this year?”

As a once huge 6p fan let me just say that I saw the “life coach” thing post on 6p’s blog firsthand and there was nothing out of context about that. There’s no reason to bully or harass anyone, but most of these people have very fair reasons and facts backing why they’re so angry. Trying to make our opinions of 6p’s shitty behavior sound illegitimate is not going to make the situation better, or make the people she’s hurt feel any better.

I think a lot of people are interpreting 6p’s controversial posts with particular fury because it’s a very touchy subject. It was a huge mistake on her part. This isn’t a witch hunt on the whole. Most of us are just people that are hurt and pissed off. My personal opinion is that 6p has a lot of growing up to do (coming from someone about the same age as her) and just from what I can tell over her social media accounts, although I think she’s awesome and smart, I don’t think she should get involved with the field of mental health. Not for a long time. There’s a lot that she doesn’t understand (again, I’m basing this on her own words and actions), and there’s a lot she could do to hurt people even though I really don’t think she means to. Having the best intentions in mind isn’t always enough. 



it’s not gay if it happens in Keter-level containment

“No homo“ I say, as the on-site nuclear warhead goes off during a breach

Only true convention veterans will remember




Yaoi paddles

Praying your parents don’t see anything weird when they’re dropping you off

Yelling “buttscratcher” and at least 10 people yelling back.

Org XIII cosplayers as far as the eye can see

“The Game”

Free Hugs


The banning of Glomps

The paranoia of cosplaying Sauske, Naruto, Sora, or Riku because you know someone has a Yaoi paddle and they’re watching your ass like Wile E. Coyote watches the Roadrunner

Homestuck invasion

Not being able to cosplay or enjoy One Piece without some asshole screaming the 4Kids theme at you

Cat ears

Seriously how did Yaoi Paddles stick around for so long? You would never get away with that today. You’d probably go to jail for that behavior

not to be a lil kid or nothin but what the fuck is a yaoi paddle

You’re not the first person to ask me this. I once made a post all about them, but I will reiterate because the past must not be forgotten lest we repeat history

I’m mostly copypasting from my original post on this:

The yaoi paddle is…an odd yet fascinating relic of the ‘weeabo’ phase everyone went through, specifically prevalent throughout the Naruto and Kingdom Hearts fandom in thy early days.

The Yaoi Paddle was literally a small oar with the words Yaoi, Seme, or Uke written on them

Their function was to slap people’s asses. 

Now you would think this would be something reserved for say an after dark or +18 panel, but no, it wasn’t. This was a very real thing people carried around with them on the convention floor

People would go up and slap each other on the ass with these in public, in front of everybody.

Not only was this acceptable behavior, it was downright expected! Something that by today’s standards would be considered sexual harassment was acceptable

This was a real thing that happened for a long time at conventions, as you can tell by the timestamp this photo. If you thought random hugs were a violation of personal space then you’ve gone soft in the absence of these unholy weapons.

if you wore a Naruto, Sauske, Sora, Riku, or Org. XIII cosplay from 2006 to 2009, you were officially fair game and you might as well have been wearing a target on your ass, regardless if you were in to that or not.

Nowadays they are but a distant memory, a forgotten part of convention culture that a lot of people want to pretend never happened; with good reason mind you

So there’s your history lesson!

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